Monday, December 3, 2012

Maasai Machete

Before I left for Kenya, I watched both "Kill Bill" movies by Quentin Tarantino. These movies were his attempt to see how much action he could put into action flicks. The bride, played by Uma Thurman, goes around with a Samaria sword strapped to her back while she searches out those who attempted to kill her. She is seeking vengeance. One of the over the top and somewhat humorous aspects of the movie is that she has the sword on her wherever she goes. She even has it on board a jet as she travels to various destinations. Not only does she have it on board the plane but so do other passengers. This is kind of a surrealistic aspect of the movie.

When I got to Kenya and started hanging out with the Massai they too carry their machetes wherever they go. Not only that but they also carry clubs and sticks with them. many of these men are in Western garb and carry such things with them. They are useful tools an the above photo is of my Maasai machete and belt. I often wear them out here in the bush. I have mainly used it to cut back thorny bushes which populate the camp and want to grab at you. It is kind of like a Quentin movie out here. Just much more safer.

Here in Kenya there are guards at big stores with metal detecting wands which they sweep you with before you enter the store. Not sure what they are really for because I have walked in after they have scanned me and they have gone off because of a knife I may have been carrying. Just yesterday we walked into a big store in another town and the Maasai warrior, with us, had a club and machete on him. They waved the wand on him and he showed and slapped his weapons for them to see. They let him and us in without any bother. Sometimes reality is stranger than a Tarantino movie.