Monday, January 14, 2013

Maasai Tooth Care

The Maasai do not seem to have the same tooth problems we do in America. They do have tooth problems but they are not plagued with cavities like we are. This is dispite the fact that they use a lot of sugar in their tea (chai). What is the difference in their tooth care? Everyday I see them with twigs in their teeth which they brush with. I find that my teeth feel cleaner after using a twig than using  modern toothbrush.

There is a great bush off from our front porch which is great for using on the teeth. One cuts it off the bush and peels back some bark. Then one chews the end a bit so one gets some bristles.

Sometime people like to use toothpaste with their brushes. That can be gotten from a common tree sap. One such, green barked, tree can be found next to my hammick. You only need to use one of the abundant thorns found here to prick the bark. The sap comes oozing out and you just need to apply it to the end of your twig toothbrush and work your teeth.

Great for a fresh, clean, feeling mouth!

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