Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Year Anniversary of the Maasai Association

The Maasai Association has done some wonderful work in Kenya for the Massai in the 10 years it has been in existence. They have brought good water to the village, a primary and secondary school and a medical clinic. 10 years ago they did not have such important things. Above are some photos taken on the day of their anniversary.

Some of the boy from the grade school crowded to have their photos taken while the girls stood in the shade of the trees.

Then the group with us, who had been on safari in Kenya, introduced themselves to the children and told them what sort of work we did and what sort of education we had.  We were showing them the sort of different things one can do if one gets an education.

The 3rd photo is of the inside of the clinic which is only 5 years old.

After seeing the grade school and clinic we walked over to the high school. I was surprised to see name I knew on the buildings. Juli and Erik Nordstrom funded the class rooms we first saw. they are of the Nordstrom store family.

Then we saw the administration building and it was funded by Monica and Diago Piacentini family. they are friends of mine and Diago went to the same high school I went to in Lacey Wa.

The last photo is of the celebration at Simba camp of the Maasai Association. People were invited to stand up and share what was on their minds and hearts about the work wch had been done in the past 10 years and in the hopes of the next 10 years.

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