Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Second day's photos from Maasai Land


  1. I did not realize it but if I go out my beck door and walk across our dry river bed and walk up the other bank of the river bed. I can see Mt Kilimanjaro. It is like looking at mt Rainier from Olympia.

    we have some interesting birds in Simba camp. Some are quite beautiful. The one shown here is one of the larger ones.

    We were told that some game was about and that we should go to the highway to see them. Together were zebra, giraffe and gazelle. The gazelle bound away when they saw us. The giraffe and zebra hung out and only walked away when we got to close. These animals hang out with each other for safety reasons. They each have their gifted senses. The giraffe can see far and the zebra can see close as can the gazelle. They sometimes also hang out with the wilder beast because they have a good sense of smell. Each can sense and warn of danger differently.

    Acacia, Ruth and our driver Julius are in the last photo. We all went on the ride to see the game animals near our house.

  2. Was that a hoopoe bird? Or did I pull the wrong name out of my head? I love the dirt 'highway'! I am glad you have a mountain to gaze at. It will give you a rock to hold onto in hard times. We PNW'ers need our mountains! Curious question: are you going to grow out your beard? If so, PICTURES! Lol. Love you, Gene. So jealous! And I never did get your acct #, did I?

  3. They call the White-bellied Go-away-bird (Corythaixoides leucogaster). They have a new highway which the Chinese built. What you see is the old one they use to use. Yes. It's nice to have a big rock to see. Yes. I have a fuller beard now. I think I sent the account info by email. I'll check and resend.

  4. In Kenya they are proud of Obama. In Obama's father's home town they had ballot boxes out during our elections. They had one for Obama and one for Mitt. They were wanting to send their results to America. It is not a big guess who won the election in Kenya.