Wednesday, July 24, 2013


These quartz rocks were an hour's walk from our camp.
They are just sitting on the ground.
Most of these stones are just a 1/3 mile from our camp. They
 are not single crystal points like many people are used to seeing.
They are a single rock with many fragments which flake off 
the rock and moves downstream. The harsh Kenyan 
elements crack the surface of the stone.

A rainbow of colors can be seen in these stones.

 This beautiful quartz was sculpted by water in this stream bed.
This is a shard of qaurtz found in the sand of the river 
right behind our camp.
Some of the beauty of Maasai  land will be missed if you 
are in a hurry.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Insects of Kenya

Ants taking home some dinner.

Ant's hanging out at home.

Bee nests, near the equator, have 
no outside shell like they do 
in colder climates.

I picked up something one night 
and this crawled onto my hand!

Bathroom visitor.

Bright collored fellow.

Child exploring mantis.

These moths frequented our home.

Unwanted home visitors.

A rare stick visitor.

Boy these dung beetle are busy bugs.
They zig zag down a trail like a drunk.

This beautiful dung beetle was almost
 unnoticed because of its small size.

I was taking photos of this small
 flower when I spied the dung beetle.