Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Before the Journey Begins

Hi Friends and Family,

I am about to start on a journey to the land of the Maasai in  Kenya. this region is also the cradle of humanity. I will be living with the Maasai and documenting my experiences on this blog. I want to introduce you to this blog before I leave so you bookmark it and so I have the ball  rolling before I get there. My journey begins on November 1st. and the first posts from Kenya should follow soon after.

Now that you have reference to this blog, feel free to visit it and view updates to this journey. I will be sharing photos, videos and my thoughts on what I am experiencing in a part of the world unfamiliar and probably strange and/or exciting to many of you.

I have little to share with you at this time. But I can introduce you to the Maasai association and it's work to help the Maasai people in humanitarian and relief work aimed at building schools, water systems, providing academic scholarship to disadvantaged children, and supporting sustainable economic development projects in the Maasai region.

This is a great introduction to the people and the region I will be living in.  I'll let the association share themselves with you by referring to their website: http://www.maasai-association.org/

Gene Dreyer